What Is Organic ?


Organic as a concept is being explored by the number of food and cosmetic companies that manufacture certified organic cosmetics happen to be the present trend in the contemporary times.  Going organic in simple terms refer to going natural. However to be more specific, “organic,” goes an extra step beyond the natural definition.

What is this certified organic product needs to be studied. Organic means products that are grown without the use of any toxic matter like pesticides, fertilisers, synthetics, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation for the matter. Before the product gets the label of being ‘organic’, a Government approved certifier carries out the proper inspection of the farm where the food, herbs or plants are grown following the strict parameters of organic standards.

Cosmetic companies or food companies that happen to manufacture organic products or happen to process organic food before it gets to the local supermarket or restaurant needs to be certified as well. Therefore, it can be stated that Organic products are completely free of any harmful chemicals or other impurities and happen to be completely natural. So we can state in conclusion that Organic is real natural.