Best Certified Organic Hair Colors to Use In 2019

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Now a day’s people are very much anxious about their looks, especially hair. For that people use a variety of hair care products in order to get a unique shine on the hair. But the key point here is that the hair colors which the people are referring must be natural and organic otherwise they will do more harm than good. So the conclusion here is that the people should use the products that are certified by various beauty agencies.

Here let me tell you the various products which are certified and are safe to use one by one:

  • Gel Hair Color: It is one of the best hair colors when it comes to getting a glorious look of the hair. Being available in various shades, it can be used by both men and women. This hair color is free from the effect of toxic ingredients and thus can be regarded as the safe and reliable product to use. It is a certified product. Various beauty experts like ECOCERT have certified it. Gel hair color is recommended by doctors and is clinically tested and experimented. Apart from coloring the hair color it conditions the hair as well and provide them necessary conditioning.

Gel Hair Color

  • Botanical hair color: This is a certified organic hair color which is recommended by the dermatologists and doctors across the nation. It is one of the best hair colors when it comes to its application and authentication. Both men and women can apply this hair color and can reap its benefits. It comprises various natural ingredients like amla, indigo, henna, etc. It is actually designed from a combination of about 8 herbs and can be used to get shiny hair look. Thus one can use it in case of grey hair. People do use it to get that ultimate and adorable shine on the hair. It is free from ammonia, ppd and many more hazardous toxics.


  • Indigo hair color: It is an ultimate hair color which is enriched with the goodness of natural herbs. It is 100% certified organic hair color which is certified by the experts in the field of Beauty. No chemical is found in this color and thus is free and safe product to use. One can use it without any tension as it does not cause any sort of irritation or itching. It consists of the natural essence of Indigo and is thus prepared from its fresh leaves. Apart from this, it is unique in its designing as it prepared by triple sifting process. Being available in various shades ranging light brown to black. It can be used to get the desired shine on the hair.

Indigo Powder Hair Colour

  • Henna hair color: Henna hair color as the name suggests is an organic hair color which is prepared rom the fresh leaves of Henna. Being free from toxic chemicals, it is specifically used by people of varied age group. Thus one can use it to get a hair color enriched with the fragrance of Henna. Thus one can use it to get a shine that is noteworthy and attractive. Apart from this, it is prepared by the process of triple sifting process.


  • 24 Herbs hair color: This hair color is specific in its function and is designed keeping in view the various need of men and it can be applied and used by the men and women only. It is a certified hair color by USDA and ECOCERT and can be used to impart a natural shine to the hair. Even this is a natural color made up of natural ingredients and gives a long lasting shine on the hair. It is free from any side effect and it is one of the best hair colors which is even recommended by doctors. It is basically a combination of 8 herbs.


Thus these are some of the best certified organic hair colors which can be used by anyone in need of shining look of the hair.

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