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www.certifiedorganiccolor.com  is owned and operated by Indus Cosmeceuticals. The website is only for selling indus valley products. Your satisfaction is our first priority and to achieve this we have framed terms and policies for the site which are important to keep in mind and our advice is that you should go through them as they are designed in your interest.

Terms and policies with privacy statement whenever will be modified will be updated on the website. Need your support and understating.

Problems that need doctors suggetion or help this site is not helpful for that. You must stay careful always and consult your physicians in case of any problem.

Warranty and liabilty

There is no warranty from our side for the product and we are also not liable for the harm caused by any product. If the product delivered is different from the product given at the site we will change the product.

Copyright and intellectual property

Our site has copyright and intellectual property protection law implemented on it. The content, images evrything at the sight is copyright reserved and no one is allowed to reproduce the exact same things and make changes in the sight. If any thing copied it will be considered as breaching of laws and required actions will be taken.