Privacy Policy

This explains how we may collect your personal information and how we will use and aggregate it on our website or any internet connected device. We respecect the personal privacy and we commit to protect it in our case.

Your privacy is most important element for us. We have developed this to make you understand that how we make use of personal information.

The following points contain our privacy policy:

  • When we will be collecting personal information at that time or before that we will identify for what the information is being collected.
  • We will collect it and use that information only for fulfilling those purposes that are specified by us.
  • We will be retaining the information as long it is necessary for fulfilling of the purpose.
  • We will be collecting information with the lawful method and where it is appropriate along with the individuals concern.
  • The personal data should be relevant to the work for it is being used. It should be accurate, complete and up to date.
  • Personal information will be protected by reasonable security. It will be safegaurded against theft as well as unauthorized access.
  • We will conduct our business in accordance to these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of the personal information is being maintained. Our servers collect the information that what pages are visited by each visitor along with their IP address or domain name.
  • Our website requires the visitor to provide their name, address, age, e-mail ID and their consumer buying habits.
  • We conduct surveys to have look on the progress. Like a pop up window in which person voluntarily participates in a user survey.
  • Our servers automatically collect your IP address at the moment you visit to our website. This helps us to know that how our users are able to manage with the website. We also catch what is the browser type and your operating system.


How do we use information that is collected?

We use the information in following ways:

  • For developing new features or to improve the features, products and services.
  • For promotion we award prizes. And for participating in contest we require the visitor’s agreement to be contacted with us.
  • To give aggregate information to third parties about our usage patterns and user base. Personal information is kept private and not shared with third parties.
  • To aware you about our new products through mail. For sharing new offers and services by contacting you. These contacts are based on the preferences you have précised.



We place a cookie on the browser of the visitor’s computer. A piece of information is transferred to the hard disk of your computer for the purpose of record keeping. In the industry using Cookies is very common. A lot of websites use it to provide useful information to their consumers. This does not contain any personal information but this only tells us that when has your computer connected to our website. The information is used by us for editorial purposes such as delivery of information without compromising privacy. Example: Cookies ensure that you don’t see the similar add too often in the single session. We also use it to save your password so that you don’t need to reenter it every time.


In order to utilize some features the website may require voluntary registration. The form requires you to give your personal identifiable information, information like your name, e-mail address and contact number. We may use your contact details from the form to send the information about our company and all promotional material for all our connected partners. We do not disclose any information without the unique identifiers consent.

The information is used to improve the features and develop new products and service.

Demographic and Profile Data:

We may also collect data from you like ZIP Code, income level, sex, interest in certain topics etc. We may use this data to modify your experience at our website. We may show you content that you would like. This will help to inform you about upcoming events.

We disclose account information only in special cases. Like:

  1. With legal requirements, law, search warrant etc.
  2. When it is required to bring legal action against someone. Who may cause intentional or unintentional harm to users?