Application Method Of Organic Hair Colour

Step 1: Preparation Of The Organic Hair Colour

Quantity Required:

  • For Waist Length hair, i.e. Long Hair -70gm to 100gm
  • For Short Hair- 20gm to 30gm
  • For Medium Size Hair, i.e. Shoulder length hair- 40gm to 60gm

Take the substantial quantity of the hair colour as per the hair length as mentioned above. Mix the Organic hair colour with warm water as per 1:3 ratio, i.e. one portion of Organic hair colour should be combined with three parts of warm water to get the desired consistency.

Mix it with adequate water and hair colour till you get a yoghurt or ketchup like consistency. Remember, the paste should not be too thick nor too thin in order to proceed with the application.

You need to start applying from the roots and then move towards the hair ends.

Step 2: Application Of The Organic Hair Colour

With the help of the application brush, apply the paste evenly on the hairs taking small sections of the same. Start from the hair roots and move towards the hair ends for the right kind of application of the hair colour. Grey coverage may demand a heavier application of the organic hair colour. Once done, use a shower cap to wrap up the hairs to enable the mixture to develop faster.

Step 3: Finishing Off With The Organic Hair Colouring Process

Let the colour develop for at least 60 minutes. If you are eager to get a darker shade then leave the hair colour on the hairs for a longer period of time. You can leave it for a span of two-three hours for it makes for a completely safe dye. In the endeavour to intensify the results, heat can be applied with the help of a hair dryer during the process.

Step 4: Rinsing Off The Organic Hair Colour

After 60 minutes or more of application, rinse off the hairs thoroughly with water till the water runs clear. No shampoo is required. Just let the hairs dry and you can proceed with styling the tresses as per your requirements.