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Is your hair Color should free from Ammonia and PPD?

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A hair color is to make your hair look more beautiful. But what if they damage your hair?  There are some chemicals that should not be present in your hair color because they will make your hair look pretty only for a small amount of time but in long run they can cause a heavy damage to you.

The chemicals like PPD and ammonia present in your hair color can create a big damage to your hair as well as health. Due to these chemicals the outer layer of hair shaft is damaged. Most of the hair colors contain PPD as it is the main agent that gives your hair color.

PPD gives your hair allergic reactions. Due to it you may have redness and swelling on scalp and eyelids. The severe reaction may be that the eyes may be closed completely and the reaction may spread widely. This will give itchiness and rashes to the scalp and eyes.

Ammonia damages your hair, closes the hair shaft and get deep into the hair cuticles. This damages the hair shaft and the hair looses the luster present in it. This degrades the quality of hair make them dry, brittle and make them unhealthy.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Always check the ingredients before buying any hair color.
  • It should free from PPD and ammonia as they will damage your hair as well as health.
  • Go for natural or organic hair colors.
  • Options to go for are like INDUS Valley Natural hair colors.

Indus Valley provides you with hair colors that are free from ammonia and PPD as they will not damage your hair but only make them more beautiful. Give them a natural color and add that healthy shine to it. So be safe from using hair colors that include these two things.

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