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Gel Natural Hair Colour Lightest Blonde 9.0

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Quick Overview

  • Organically Natural Gel Hair Colour
  • Contain Certified Organic herbs
  • Recommended by Dermatologist
  • Extra safe, Suitable for people who are allergic to Ammonia, Peroxide & PPD in hair dyes.
  • Helps in prevention of hair problems
  • Perfect grey covering & also makes hair softer


Indus Valley Lightest Blonde 9.0 Colour is made of 9 natural Certified Organic herbs which gives natural colour with lighter shade, Colour after application is pictorially mention on the box, Model on the box depicts the colour. It also helps in preventing the hair problems like spilt ends, dandruff & hair fall. Best Organic herbs like Henna, jojoba oil, Sunflower not only gives you color but also prevent from UV rays, antidandruff and also nourishes hair scalp with the fragrance of orange etc.


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